Brisbane Whale Watching, Moreton Bay

All aboard the ‘Eye Spy’ Vessel for one of the best whale watching destinations in Australia! Direct transfers from a number of destinations including Brisbane CBD to Moreton Bay, Brisbane. Once aboard this state-of-the-art vessel active surface display sightings of the whales are virtually guaranteed. From June to November the ‘Eye spy’ Vessel with Captain Kerry Lopez at the helm give a unique experience watching these majestic animals. This high-speed, air-conditioned luxury catamaran was built locally in South Pacific Marine in Brisbane and is environmentally friendly and whale-friendly due to its low noise, skewback propellers and low wash characteristic hull design. Engines can be idle for long periods of time which reduces noise and vibrations meaning the whales are not harmed.

Southern humpback whales migrate to and from Antarctica and when in Moreton Bay in Brisbane, these leviathans of the deep make their way through warm waters, feed, mate and play in clean, clear blue sea. Whales are truly fascinating creatures; they are mammals and the evolution of whales has seen them ‘returned back to the ocean’ so evolution has been reversed! Usually on these kinds of trips I fear I won’t see anything; however, the whales were very active on the day and as stated earlier you are more or less guaranteed a sighting of a whale. It was breath-taking to see the animals close to the surface and jumping out of the sea. Make sure you take a good camera because you will be able to get some amazing photographs of the whales!

Teaching resources available for primary teachers:

The Humpback Whale: Non-Chronological Report Planning for Year 5/6
Humpback Whale Non-Chronological Report Text

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