Cape Tribulation Tour

Daintree National Park and the Great Barrier Reef are the only two World Heritage sites that exist side-by-side. It is a place where ancient tropical rainforests meet the calm, clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Daintree Rainforest, one of the three oldest rainforests in the world has a wealth of weird and rare plants and animals. The Daintree region spreads 60 miles from the spectacular Mossman Gorge, continuing through the unique Daintree Village across the fascinating Daintree River through the Daintree National Park to Cape tribulation Beach and along the Bloomfield track to Cooktown in the north.

To explore this unique area, I joined the Cape Trib connections Day Tour. First on the itinerary was an eco-accredited river cruise on the Daintree River. The enthusiastic guide promised us we would see some of the estuarine crocodiles in the river and I was excited at the prospect of witnessing these marvellous beasts in the wild – I wasn’t to be disappointed! At first difficult to spot, we saw a baby crocodile basking in the sun and then across the river, in the distance, a huge monstrous beast of a crocodile! We were reassured they wouldn’t try to sink the boat!

After the crocodiles we had a guided rainforest walk where we enjoyed the lush rainforest from the ground, and we were lucky enough to see an iguana climbing one of the trees. One of the highlights of the tour was a visit to the white sandy beach of Cape Tribulation which was edged by mangroves.

Unique animals live within this vibrant ecosystem including the mudskipper fish! As I was gazing into the rock pools, I saw one of these fish walking along the beach! Apparently, they spend more time out of the water than in it by absorbing oxygen through their moist skin using their fins as legs to propel themselves along! Learn more about these fascinating creatures below!

Teaching resources available for primary teachers:

Mudskipper Fish
Mudskipper Fish Non-Chronological Report Planning Year 3/4
Mudskipper Fish Text
Mudskipper Fish: Non Chronological Report Text for Year 3/4

Mudskipper Fish: Non-Chronological Report Planning for Year 5/6

Mudskipper Fish: Non-Chronological Report Text for Year 5/6
Mudskipper Fish Bundle Planning and Quiz
Mudskipper Fish Bundle: Non-Chronological Report Planning and Quiz for Year 5/6
Mudskipper Fish Bundle
Mudskipper Fish Bundle: Non-Chronological Report Text, Quiz and Word Search for Year 5/6
Mudskipper Fish Quiz
Mudskipper Fish Quiz for Year 5/6
Mudskipper Word Search
Mudskipper Fish Word Search

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