Fitzroy Island

It was a privilege to spend a full day exploring the unspoilt tropical paradise that is Fitzroy Island. This continental island is covered in lush, pristine rainforest and is surrounded by beautiful hard and soft coral reefs submerged in calm, blue waters. Just a 45-minute cruise from Cairns’ Reef Fleet Terminal there are a wealth of activities to enjoy. Whether you want to explore a guided walk through the rainforest, hire masks and fins to snorkel in the calm waters of Welcome Bay or build a Sandcastle on Nudey Beach – which is amongst the top 10 beaches in Australia – there is something for everyone! Lycra wetsuits are available during the November to May stinger season, so you are still able to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef where the reef meets the rainforest!

I wanted some more adventure, so I joined a sea kayaking tour with the promise of being able to sail and paddle in the remote, untouched waters of the island. I shared my kayak with a friendly guy from Switzerland, who thankfully was better at rowing than I was! It wasn’t long before we saw the graceful elegance of the green turtle gliding through the calm, beautiful crystal water. They are such amazing animals and it was on my bucket list to see one in the wild. After the hard part of rowing in the sea kayak we had time to do some snorkelling. I’m a clumsy muppet so flapping around with my fins, which seemed to keep floating up to the surface was a bit of an ordeal but worth it for when I finally was able to explore the Great Barrier Reef underwater! The richness and the colours of the coral and the fish are quite simply not to be missed and was worth the airfare alone!

Teaching resources available for primary teachers:

The Great Barrier: Reef Non-Chronological Report Planning for Year 5/6
The Great Barrier Reef Non-Chronological Report Text for Year 5/6

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