Dingo: Non-Chronological Report Planning for Year 3/4


About this unit:

This is a ten-lesson unit of English work based on the reading and writing of a non-chronological report. It is intended for Lower Key Stage 2. This unit follows the 2014 National Curriculum objectives.

The ten lessons in this unit allow children to explore, discuss and understand a non-chronological report. During the first week children will explore a non-chronological report based on the dingo which is an amazing animal living in Australia! Through guided and shared activities children will write their own version of this text ensuring they have included the correct language and organisational features. In the second week, children will carry out their own research into an Australian animal of their own choice. Children will then apply what they have learned in the first week and plan, write and edit a non-chronological report based on the Australian animal that they have chosen and then they will write a non-chronological report independently.

Alternatively, in the second week, children could focus on a mammal living in the United Kingdom. This would allow children to explore the similarities and differences between the two animals in science lessons.

Dingo: Non-Chronological Report Planning for Year 5/6 is also available!


What is included?

  • A sheet with the National Curriculum English objectives for Y3/4 which are highlighted to help track and assess the progress of the class; to track coverage of the English curriculum and to show what objectives the unit covers.
  • *NEW* Printable child-friendly learning objectives for children’s books.
  • Non-chronological report planning for 10 days including possible science cross-curricular links.
  • *NEW* Now includes a PowerPoint containing the lesson structure and learning activities for all 10 lessons of the unit which can be presented to the children. The PowerPoint design and content can be adjusted to suit the needs of a class.
  • A non-chronological report about the dingo which includes details about the appearance, habitat and diet of the dingo.
  • A non-chronological report about the dingo that has been simplified for lower-achieving children.
  • A glossary for the non-chronological report about the dingo.
  • Boxing-up plan for the non-chronological report about the dingo (differentiated on two levels but there is a writing frame for lower-achieving children).
  • Non-chronological report about the dingo writing frame for lower-achieving children.
  • Success Criteria for non-chronological reports (differentiated on three levels).
  • Flexible boxing-up plan for independent research into an Australian animal or an animal living in the United Kingdom (differentiated on three levels).

Files Included: Planning is a pdf file also including a PowerPoint for lessons.


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