Green Turtle: Non-Chronological Report Text for Year 3/4


This green turtle non-chronological report includes:

  • A description of the green turtle’s physical features and its adaptions to the environment.
  • The green turtle’s diet and an explanation about how the green turtle has adapted to eat and catch its food.
  • The green turtle’s habitat.
  • Social behaviours and lifecycle of the green turtle.
  • Facts boxes, pictures and an introduction and summary of the non-chronological report about the green turtle.


What is included?

  • A master copy of the text which is for children in years 3 and 4 and based upon the English National Curriculum learning objectives for Lower Key Stage 2.
  • A glossary giving a definition of key words which are shown in bold in the text.
  • A simplified version of the text for lower-achieving pupils.
  • This is a pdf file.
  • Please note that this text is included in the green turtle non-chronological report planning unit for year 3/4.


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