How does a Hot Air Balloon Fly? Bundle: Explanation Planning and Quiz

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Children will learn more with this informative bundle:

How does a hot air balloon? Explanation text planning unit for year 5/6. In week 1 children read and discuss an explanation text before writing their own version of an explanation text based on how a hot air balloon flies. In week 2 children apply their knowledge by writing an explanation for how a plane flies.

How does a hot air balloon fly? The quiz has questions and answers in a PowerPoint presentation for whole class participation and quiz cards for children to work in pairs. The quiz is based on the forces involved when a hot air balloon ascends and descends.


What is included?

  •  ‘How does a Hot Air Balloon Fly?’ Explanation Text Planning for year 5/6 (pdf file).
  •  ‘How does a Hot Air Balloon Fly?’ Quiz (pdf file and PowerPoint).


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