Whitewater Rafting Explanation Text (Leaflet)


Whitewater rafting is an exciting adventure activity along the Tully River in Queensland, Australia. How do we keep safe and have fun at the same time? This handy guide to whitewater rafting will explain how to do everything properly and keep safe!


What is included?

  •  Whitewater rafting explanation text that explains how to paddle, how to do the strokes and how to do the activity safely.
  •  The Whitewater rafting explanation text is in the form of a leaflet
  •  The Whitewater Rafting explanation text is pitched for children in Year 4 but could be used across KS2 with support from classroom professionals.
  •  This is a pdf file.
  •  Print both pages and photocopy double-sided. Fold into three so that ‘White Water Rafting Top Tips’ becomes the front page, ‘Whitewater Rafting, Tully River’ becomes the inside page and the tour2teach logo is on the back.


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